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Therapology UI app design

Project Scope

Therapology is an app and website where people seeking help can go to and find the right therapist for their needs and be able to book a session and pay online.

My Role

For this project, I was the lead UI designer working with a team of 2 coders. A set of basic wireframes was created from a document and some photos from a whiteboard full of digrams and research.


Due to the nature of the intended users that would be using the website and app, I had to take into account that users are going to be in a different mind set to maybe the more casual browser looking on a shopping or social app/site.

The design was considered heavily with this in mind, and led to the design being a more calming experience and not overly designed. With the main goal  for the users to navigate around the site or app and find what they need and connect with a therapist.

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