App Design Project

Snipture - Social Networking app

Project Scope

Sniptures aim is to bring the travellers of the world with a new take on photo sharing app and community, tapping in to a niche who love to share their travels with friends, families and followers ( and add in a little extra content ).

My Role

For this project I was the only app design working with a team of 20 coders, helping design the code assets for the app user interface, with he user a design system and components and variants (using figma).

As a travel social app that was key to use content the design route was taken where the main contact of ever user was front and centre. Every sort of user case was explored so every sort of post was display in the best possible way.


After a sit down via Zoom with the team and taking their whiteboard, as basic set of wireframes was created in a low level state to iron ou any initial thoughts and any UX thoughts.

From there, the screens where designed using Figma and Photoshop.

Inivsion app was used as the main tool for sharing the designs, as we had a team of users that where feeding back as the project was worked on, this allowed the designs to be adjust based on real world testing.

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