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Project Scope

Today's digital content creators and artists are some of the world's most impactful and sought-after marketing experts. Reaching them has become tedious, expensive and sometimes impossible.

As the world of social media marketing continues to emerge, business and content creators needed a way to connect effectively and efficiently.

So the idea of Sway was born, the scope was to create new way for business and content creators to interact and do business.

My Role

As lead UI and UX designer for the project, I worked alongside a team of 4 coders all based around the world from LA to London, working closely daily with the founders of the project to ensure their vision was achieved every step of the way.

The goal was to sign a clean and simple app that was in a dark mode for MVP (with light version being after MVP). Going with the dark theme was a conscious move to start with as it will enable the photos to really stand out in the UI. After some initial test groups, we discovered that they spend a lot of time making sure their photos are perfect, and felt the dark theme would really help them pop to the end users.


A basic prototype had already been coded when I joined the project, so with that, a few simple UML (Unified Modelling Language) diagrams were created and I was able to get into wireframing and designing some of the initial screens to get the look, feel and direction the app UI was going to take.

Figma was used initially to create the screen designs, and was shared via invision App so everyone could start testing the designs on their phones and leave direct feedback on the screen designs. Once approved, the Figma files were prepared and added to Zeplin and handed to the development team to get started with coding.

Principle for Mac was used to help show the dev team UI and UI animations and transitions.

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