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Mortgage Calculator app UI UX design

Project Scope

After 8 years and 1 app UI redesign, the next step was to figure out how to improve the app design for the 6,000+ new users monthly.

After analysing the data from Firebase, it was clear that over 10,000 users where using the app on a daily basis, which initially was puzzling due to the app being a simple mortgage calculator aimed at the average user using it to get a rough idea at the early stage of mortgage research.

It appeared that users were using it daily - which after running a feedback screen inside the app, we discovered that the app was also being used by mortgage brokers and estate agents.

After running more feedback-driven designs in the current app, a list of new features was created.

The redesign

Based on this new information, the app was redesigned to cater for 2 types of users;

  1. Regular User
  2. Business User
Regular User

Some basic design improvements were done to help ease any pain points we learned from the data.

Business User

This was the biggest challenge in making the app useful for the mortgage brokers and estate agents, so a subscription mode was decided on to allow all the extra tools that would make their lives easier based on the feedback that was given.

Extra calculators and other tools were designed to allow this to bring value to the subscribed customers.

Some more design goodness

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