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Aligner Smile Tracker App UI / UX Design

Project Scope

The Problem

One of the biggest pain points for dental practices that provide invisible braces is their customers don't wear them for long enough for them to be effective.

The Solution

After some user research with some current Aligner patients and dentists it felt an Aligner Tracker App would solve all the common issues their patients were finding, such as remembering when to put their brace back to tracking their progress.

So I designed an app that solved all these problems with a few features to take on each pain point and ultimately enabling their patients to get the straight teeth they wanted.

Key aspects of the app were:

  1. Aligner Tracker
  2. Reminders
  3. Selfie Tracker
  4. Patient Monitoring
  5. Patient Gallery
  6. Message System

These allowed the patients to track daily their wear time and when they took it out, it would remind them it's time to put it back in, removing the main issues of having the brace out for too long.

With the Selfie Gallery, the app would remind them weekly to take a selfie, and help them track their changes in their smile. We found that adding the ability to create a progress video from these was a great tool for sharing and helping the practice get more leads.

Reminders allowed them to get friendly reminds of when to change a aligner brace, put it back in, to take that selfie.

For the dentist, an admin system was designed to allow them be able to help monitor their patients remotely and track the journey. With built in message features, they were one tap away from being in touch.

Streamlining the entire process helped keep chair time free for the practice and ultimately increases their patient through put.

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