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Our goal is simple.

 To bring your app and website designs to life in this digital world.

Dean Martin

"If it has a screen, I design for it" - simple and to the point. I live inside Figma for most of my days and nights. :)


I may just be a dog, but I help on all aspects of the design process, from barking for no reason to laying under the desk.


I help with Zoom calls by ensuring I am always in the background looking for attention to get my design thoughts across.
A little bit about me
Projects ranging from celebrity fitness apps to banking apps, I have covered a wide range.
One of the greatest things I love about being a freelance designer is the range of people and companies I have been able to work with.

I have worked with entrepreneurs, start up to large companies, agencies and enterprises.

I have also helped create design concepts for apps that have gone on to get funding and become a reality.
Client projects so far...
From small start ups to big companies, I have designed a wide range of products.
Years of freelancing
After graduating from university with a degree and a masters, I started my design life in a design agency then moved full time a few years later.
Brief History

From the very first pixel...

Graduated University
June 2019
After 5 year studying at Essex University in all things internet and design for my BA, I stayed and did an extra years for my Masters degree.
Full-time Designer
September 2019
While at university, I started to work with a agency to learn the real world ropes and gain the knowledge to move out on my own as a full time freelance UI designer.
Full-time Freelance
December 2019
And there we have it - no looking back. Since moving into full time freelance, I have been working all over the world, from start ups to big companies.
Did you know

I also created and run my own apps!

App downloads
Total App Downloads to date.
Apps created so far
From small games and utility apps.